2017 Best Christmas Holiday Gifts: Top 3 Cosmetics/Makeup Edition

Nov 14, 2017

Christmas and the holidays are coming sooner than you think!

Here are my choices for cosmetics, from you to you, or for any other fabulous person in your life.

Natasha Denona Holiday Palettes: Joya & Aeris


Gold and red tones are perfect for the holiday season. These shadows are extremely creamy and pigmented. Easy to blend, the shimmers are sophisticated with minimal fall out when applied with a finger or wet brush.

The colors in the Joya palette blend beautifully into each other. This look is striking in the most elegant manner.

The colors in the Joya palette blend beautifully into each other. This look is striking in the most elegant manner.


The ice blue shadow is the stand-out piece from this palette. This color combination is also excellent for the holidays.


The ice blue offers a brightening pop of color for the lower eye lid.

Bonus points: these products are cruelty-free.

Photos by Temptalia.

beauty.blusher by beautyblender

beauty blusher by beautyblender

Not many people talk about the beautyblender in this size, but this makeup sponge is the perfect size for blush and contour application. This tool is superior to any brush or finger application. A must-have for cream and liquid products. This color experiences minimal fading, if any, compared to other, colorful beautyblender sponges.

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

burberry liquid lip velvet oxblood

Oxblood is my favorite shade in this range. It is a deep plum berry tone that is very sophisticated and fall/winter appropriate.

burberry liquid lip velvet oxblood

This formula dries velvety matte, and yet it does not dry out the lips like many other liquid lipsticks do.

What are your favorites this year? Please share them with us.

Love Always,


Fashion Trends Fall 2017: RED

Sep 20, 2017

RED is color of this Fall.

And we mean head to toe. Who knew it can look so good and so “now”?

Try mixing different shades of red for a more toned-down textured effect, or go for one shade for maximum visual impact.

Here are our top picks to add to your wardrobe for Fall. Click here to see more.

Narces Lilias Gown

Narces Lilias Gown

Say no more. This is THE gown for the formal soirees this season. It’s also the perfect wedding gown for those who are a little more adventurous, or just those who wed in red gowns (eg. Chinese traditional weddings).

Narces Adair Gown

Narces Adair Gown

Similarly, you can choose this shorter version for occasions when you need to get the groove on. Brides, change into this for the dance!

Aksha Fernandez Casablanca Spice Sandals

Aksha Fernandez
Casablanca Spice Sandals

Suede, color-blocked, block heel sandal. The perfect elements to make the IT sandal for this Fall. The height is elegant but still very practical. These Casablanca sandals add the perfect red touch for all your Fall outfits, from casual to formal.

Kari C. Admiral Shoe Bijoux Clip

Kari C. Admiral Shoe Bijoux Clip

You know the Manolo Hangisi pumps with the crystal badge at the toe? Well, now you can add a touch of sparkle to all your shoes with a shoe clip! This red crystal one is incredibly versatile and sparkly. You make your own designs! This also makes an excellent gift for any shoe aficionado.

These are our top picks for Fall. Click here to shop more red.

What’s on your shopping list?




Wonder Woman – Moral of the Story

Jun 19, 2017

If there is one movie worthy of being the world wide box office champ this year, it’s the new Wonder Woman hit.

I talked about the movie on my Metro Radio show that aired at 9:00 AM Monday Beijing time, because I wanted an opportunity to reflect on the depth of the story, especially the dialogue between Diana (Wonder Woman) and the god of war, Ares.

People tend to generalize. Even when they know that traits usually don’t apply to an entire race/religion/country, they do it because it’s easier for the brain. The brain generalizes to form opinions easily and quickly. It’s an evolutionary consequence.

Ares asked Diana to see the evil in humans, to consider the war they have raged against each other. He asks Diana to realize that humans are not deserving of her help, that they have brought disaster upon themselves and that they deserve to be annihilated.

After wavering, Diana says my favorite lines of this movie, she essentially says that no one is absolutely good or evil, there’s a little bit of both in all of us. It’s not about “deserve”, it’s about what you believe.

Although what Ares said was convincing, because the empirical evidence was that humans were doing every inhumane thing possible to hurt each other, he generalizes this behavior to all humans at all times. He implies that we are incapable of love and peace. Of course, Steve Trevor, Diana’s love interest is the epitome of just that – the good side of people. And so the moral of the story was conveyed effectively.

This is why I love this film. The average superhero movie can deliver on cinematography, but rarely tells such a thought-provoking story.

I’m getting behind Diana with these fabulous cuffs by Mizdragonfly:

Shop the entire collection here.

Did you love the film?

– Lex